simulacrum • 2012

The material that ”Simulacrum” album consists of was recorded mostly around March and April of 2011. ”Simulacrum 2” is the only exception here, which traces back to December 2010.

The ”Simulacrum” album was, in fact, never finished. A sudden failure of hard drive erased all the necessary files to continue working on the material. All that was left, was just a 128 kb/s mp3 dump of the album in its current state, which was rendered a few days before the crash. All of the above took place in 2011.

After this unfortunate event, the idea for the album was dropped. However, a year later in 2012, ”Simulacrum” was released unmodified, just as it was preserved in the mp3 backup. It serves somewhat of a documentary purpose, showing the evolution of Lugshar’s music.